How to choose lingerie?


For lingerie, to fulfill its role properly, meaning: provide the beautiful look and comfort of wearing, it needs to have the size and the style chosen correctly.  Our size table will surely be of help in finding a proper size. To use it, firstly, you should measure yourself tightly under the bust and lightly around the bust. Checking the measured sizes with those in size table, you should be able to choose a correct size of bra for you. It is worth remembering to buy bras in slightly smaller circuit size, because lingerie, during the wearing has a tendency to extend a bit. In any case, you shouldn’t choose too small cup size – too small cup size can hurt or flatten breasts.

Axami offers a wide range of PUSH-UP (padded) bras – those are the bras with semi-soft cup with removable cotton pads. The PUSH-UP bra provides the effect of ideal bust and beautiful décolletage. Removable pads give the breasts fuller look and carefully made cup will shape your bust perfectly.

This type of bra is a perfect choice for tight, low-necked dress and for everyday clothing as well. In beautiful, correctly chosen bra you will always look feminine and attractive.

For a proper choice of the shape and size of panties, we advise to measure the circuit of hips and compare the result with our size table. If you prefer deeply cut pieces – the string would be the best lingerie option. String allows to expose the line of buttocks and hips and visually extends the legs. The brasiliana string type is a lingerie piece with slightly covered back, usually with lace. The classic, fashionable and comfortable choice are always the briefs, that beautifully underline the curves of woman’s body. Also the shorts have been approved by many female clients. Shorts expose the line of the waist and shaped abs. It’s also perfect for the “hipsters” pants.

The newest offer from Axami is the high-waist briefs. This is the combination of functionality and beauty, because its exceptional design will provide an attractive shape to your figure by flattening the belly and exposing the line of hips. Pleating at the back will visually round the buttocks. Usage of an elastic tulle and charming lace guarantees a unique look and comfort of wearing.

If you care for sexy and shaping-up lingerie, then corset is the perfect choice. While adjusting the corset size you should mind the bra size. The corset’s cut, wires and elastic fabrics makes your figure look desirable. Push-up pads in bra part will provide you with a highly seductive décolletage and lacings will allow the corset to fit your body.

While choosing a babydoll, you should think of your confection size and refer to our size table.

In case of any queries, the Axami crew remains at your disposal.